It’s GIMP, and It’s Awesome!

Hey, it’s the Vampire Slaying Cricket From Zambobway and I recently found a new tool called GIMP. GIMP lets you create templates for websites, blogs, and forums! It also lets you create desktop wallpapers, which is what I took advantage of!

Below are some of the wallpapers I made. I also have some posted on my blog under “Modern Typewriter Downloads” at I made my own design “company” called Modern Typewriter Designs. So that will be the reason why at the bottom in the corner of every design it says Modern Typewriter Designs. Just click on the picture to enlarge it, and then right-click, and set as your desktop background!




To get GIMP, go to it’s website: To get the program, you will have to download it.

Anyway, once you’ve done that, GET “GIMPING”!

It is so much fun and easy to use. I started making wallpapers within an hour! So try it! You’ve got nothing to lose!

-The Vampire Slaying Cricket From Zambobway


-The Modern Typewriter


-Captain Crunch

Today Rubik’s Cubes….Tommorow the WORLD!

CBBC Scare:

The dreaded Rubik's cubeI read the CBBC almost every day because it is really interesting and uses kid friendly language. On most weekday afternoons I happily enjoy my favorite snack, a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (with the crust on), while catching up on the latest news. Many times I smile after reading about the bizarre news like “Choccy biscuits washed onto beach” or sit awe struck reading more serious news like “Police Worry About Missing Girl”. However, today while reading an article in the science and technology section, I literally drop my sandwich.

The CBBC had reported that scientists had invented a robot that could successfully solve a Rubik’s cube. The robot is officially called “RuBot II” but its amazing ( scary?) skills have given it the nickname “The Cubinator”. It may be hard to believe, but the robot can use amazing technology to solve a Rubik’s cube in under 51 seconds. However, its personal (or should I say “androidinal”) record is 21 seconds!

Robots Rule! Or will they… Rule the World?:

After reading the amazing news I wasn’t sure if I was really impressed or scared ( Maybe a bit of both?). Firstly, I was extremely amazed with the robot. After many years of trying, not even I can solve a Rubik’s cube. (I wish “The Cubinator” could help me out!) I don’t even think it’s humanly possibly to solve the puzzle in 21 seconds (That’s about the time it takes for you to sing “Mary Had a little Lamb“). To me, this amazing android is really a testimony to how far technology has come. I’m glad to say humans have come a long way since the telegraph in the 1800’s. I’m sure without advances in science this world would be a different place.
As much as I am fascinated by this new discovery, I have always feared that cyborgs would become too smart. While reading the article my mind raced to images of the Hollywood movie “The Terminator” and scenes from the novel “Invitation to The Game“. I shudder at the very thought of waking up one day in the not too distant future to work alongside my machine coworkers. I think about how much closer robot rule is to becoming reality as technology advances and humans become lazier. I for one love technology and think for the most part that it can be a helpful tool , but I fear one day that things may go too far. Technology really is a great power for the human race. But we must remember, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

What happens when the robots take control of the world and our jobs? Then we wouldn’t be living life just existing in it. We would merely by innocent bystanders watching as they take control.

Should we be scared about the future of robots?


Should we just shake off this theory and call it a figment of my overactive imagination?

For now, I’m just going to applaud the outstanding technological advances of science and continue trying to solve a Rubik’s cube without the help of robots.

~Anonymous Bob

Twitter Review

Twitter is one of the new technology tools that I really like and use everyday. Twitter is a free online service intended for people to use to update what they are doing so friends and family will know. It prompts you with a “What are you doing?” prompt question but you can stray from that prompt. You also “follow” people, meaning when they post a comment it shows up on your twitter home page.

 It is very fun to say what you are doing and to see what other people are doing too. It would be especially useful for you if you had friends and family in different parts of the world because it is a way to keep in touch with them. Also, once you see what they are doing, you can help them with it.

In the future I plan on using twitter with my classmates from school. It would be very useful if we had a group project because then we could tell each other what we were working on with the project. By doing this, we could collaborate ideas and know what part of the project we were supposed to be working on. Also, we could get homework help and study for test together.

On a scale of one to ten, with ten being OUTSTANDING, I would give twitter a eight, AMAZING. What are you waiting for , go sign up for a twitter account today and start updating. Your only excuse is not here because twitter is FREE!

~DJ Cash Money~   

Yahoo Turns Down BILLIONS!!

During reading through pageflakes, on my BBC rss news I had read that Microsoft was going to buy the search engine Yahoo for 44.6 BILLION dollars! Ian aude, from Enders Analysis But Yahoo has turned down the big billions!  Yahoo turned it down Because they think it isn’t enough money, I think that it is too much money even though Microsoft is rich.  Microsoft’s offer was worth 31$ a share.

Microsoft and Yahoo combined would be a bigger company than Google.  I think that if Yahoo held the bid even longer then they would get more money. Ian Maud from Enders Analysis Thought the same thing:
“This is so important from Microsoft’s perspective there’s a very good chance there will be more money on the table”.
So what do you think, should Yahoo taken the bid or do you think that Yahoo is fine the way it is right now?

-The Joker

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Hear that talking? It’s a Voicethread

v-threadHave you ever heard of a voicethread? If not then if you sign up and log in, you can hear yourself through a microphone. Voicethread is a commenting tool. You can use it for commenting on anything. There is also a teaching voicethread website called ed voicethread.

           You can do a lot of things with a voicethread like comment with any of the following: a phone, a microphone, a webcam(if you use a webcam then for internet safety disguise yourself), or plain old boring typing. You can also make a picture of yourself when to go with a comment(you shouldn't use a picture of yourself or anyone you know for internet saftey reasons), if you have an internet name than I would consider using pic.s from a website for your identity(picture). There is also a bunch of other stuff you can do in a comment.

When you sign up you can also make a voicethread by clicking create in the top left corner of the voicethread homepage. When you make a voicethread you can use almost every file you could save a picture as(jpeg, gif, art, bitmap). When and if  you want make a voicethread public you have to think about one main thing: is this a topic lots of people would comment on? Because I was scrolling through some public voicethreads and most of them had 10 to 11 comments tops. So if you want people to comment on your voicethread a lot then try to make it an interesting topic.

This is most of the things you will be seeing on voicethread.

-The Joker

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Vote 08

Do you live in America and kept with the Presidential Elections? If you haven’t then watch the Animoto to keep track of the remaining 5 candidates. They 5 are Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, and Ron Paul. These are the people that will be in Super Tuesday. Out of every candidate (if I were old enough to vote) I would vote for Barrack Obama, I think that he would make a good president is because Another senator Endorsed Barrack Obama(click for a youtube video)Also Barrack Obama could be the first black president. Here is an animoto that I made about the presidential candidates:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="432" height="250" wmode="transparent" /]

-The Joker

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The Blurb

The BlurbThe blurb is a website that also has Bam Bam as chief editor. The blurb is for showing current events(from europe leave a comment if you don’t know what current event is) and also some tech stuff like animotos and vokis. Right now there is a animoto about The Blurb that I have made. this animoto shows some of The Blurb posts that were behind it. If you click on the link “animoto about The Blurb” it will take you to the post with the animoto. Here it is:

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="432" height="250" wmode="transparent" /]

-The Joker

Technology in School?

 No offense teachers, but a lot of the time I’m totally bored at school!  I’m tired of:

  • Copying notes on paper
  • Worksheets
  • Lectures
  • Homework on paper
  • Textbooks (All of them.)
  • Reading article handouts
  • Running laps on the track
  • Annotation
  • Being bored in school

Now, here’s how you could improve these problems:

  1. Rent each student a PDA, on which they can store homework worksheets, write notes, annotate, and do their homework on.
  2. Have textbooks on the internet or store on the abovementioned PDAs
  3. In gym, buy a Dance Dance Revolution game, which is great exercise once you get good at it.  (I burn 16 calories each song.)
  4. Use technology other than computers in class.
  5. Make the whole school out of holograms, give the students jetpacks, and build robots to replace the teachers.  (My favorite idea.)
  6. Find some educational video game, and let the students play them.  (There must be millions for math class.)

So those are some things to think about.  Especially number five.


Zdrok and Lman

Skype Review

Skype is one of my new favorite technology tools out there. It is an application that you can download from for Mac and Windows. It allows you to call other skype users for free, anywhere in the world, via a mic and talk to them just as if you were on a telephone. Also you can text other skype users for free too. In addition to those features, you can call land lines and cell phones for a cheap rate. You can pay those low rates by buying skype pro and/or buying skype credit. If your friends don’t have skype, you can set up an online number so they can call you on skype with their old-fashioned phones.

In the future, I plan on using skype to talk to my classmates to get homework help, study for quizzes and tests, and work on group projects. By doing this we could collaborate our expertise and ideas to get things done faster and more efficiently.    

Did I mention that I LOVE skype? I recommend that everyone downloads and uses this product. I would give a ten out of ten, OUTSTANDING.

~DJ Cash Money~ 

cyber-bullying is deadly

A local girl was drived to suicide when she couldn't take anymore bad e-mails and text messages from a made up "Jhon Evans" a neighbor who lived down the street from Megan Meier (the one who committed suicide).  The name of the name of the person who caused Megan to do what she did is Lori Drew. Lori Drew had done this by creating a MySpace profile. The profile was for finding out what Megan was saying online about Lori's teenage daughter.

Watch the video to see what Megans parents are saying about this.

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="400" height="326" wmode="transparent" /]

The Joker

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